Whether you are living in or visiting Charleston, this package was made for you! Eliminate your kids’ boredom AND have a blast yourself! This 2 Hour All-Access Pass is perfect for small to medium sized families and is only available on select days. It is basically 2 hours of whatever water sport you want! Switch between flyboarding, wakeboarding, tubing, paddle boarding, canoeing, or just lounging in one of our many hammocks on the Tiki Hut. It is the perfect venue for both thrill seekers and chill seekers.

Here is why this pass is awesome: Let’s say Mom and Dad want to jet ski then chill. The 2 kids want to Flyboard then go tubing. That’s great because you have 2 hours to make all that happen! You are welcome to allocate as much time as you want to any of our water sports. If you want to spend the whole 2 hours flyboarding, you can do it! If you want to break it up half and half, you can do that too! All the while you are welcome to hang out on the Tiki Hut or take our paddleboards out for a spin. Don’t forget those snacks and drinks for hungry riders and flyers! We have lots of beach chairs and a picnic table to share.

This 2 hour all-access pass works well for groups of 4-10 people. If you have more than that, no problem! Select the ‘Private’ Option and we will run all of our water sports simultaneously making sure everyone is able to have fun. That means the Flyboard and the Wakeboard boat will be running the entire 2 hours! This is a smart option if your groups size is in between 8-15 people. If you are in the 15-25 person range, then you should double up on the private option and shoot for the half-day package, giving you 4 hours of Water Awesomeness, a package discount of $300!

With the semi-private pass, there might be another group out there sharing the Tiki Hut and water sports. If you would like to keep it private and have all water sports running simultaneously for your group only, then select the “make private” option at checkout. This is a good idea for bigger groups as well celebrities, introverts, or families that have kids with chickenpox.

*We recommend booking one of our Family Packages Sunday - Thursday. Please let us know that you are a family so we don’t pair your group with a bachelor party. If you are smaller group not interested in a ½ day package, please check out our Flyboard and Wakeboard/Tubing page for individual water sports.

2 Hour Semi-Private Pass - $500  Book Now

2 Hour Private Pass - $900  Book Now

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